Friday, 27 November 2015

Red is the new black

I know it’s Black Friday, but I’m currently all about RED!

This ball of bright scarlet red mercerized cotton crochet thread was waiting for its time on my shelf for quite some time, as I couldn’t think of a perfect project for this shade of red. Then, one day I came up with an idea of testing some holiday ideas for kids. Uku and Ada are perfect models for matching sibling’s outfits, photo props and accessories. They are more and more pals every day, and it’s so cute to just watch them get along. Well... most of the time anyway.

Photographing them is of course a challenge of its own, as they hardly ever stand still and I'm still in the process of domesticating my new Nikon camera, which refuses to obey from time to time. Here are a couple of shots I’m most pleased with.

Just for fun, I posted a couple of these photos on my Facebook page, and now I have orders from friends piling up - matching accessories for entire families. I should get to it, before it gets out of hands. I’m so excited, and it means a world to me knowing that my friends appreciate what I do.

Oh, and as for Black Friday: I’m running a massive ‘Black Friday to Cyber Monday’ sale on KERA Softwear - 20% off everything! Please pop by. Who knows, maybe you will find a perfect handmade Christmas gift for yourself or your loved ones… ;)