Thursday, 17 March 2011

S is for...

... Spring? ... Shawl?

Here it is: my biggest knitting project this spring: bright green silk/mohair shawl. It took me a while to finish it, not because it was a lot of knitting, but because I just couldn't bring myself to picking up the stitches for a simple lace edge. Too much math.

Oh, and of course, it took me forever to take the photos. I mostly have this problem with my finished objects. I have a pile of stuff, waiting to be photographed, but I seem to suffer from chronic 'photographer's block'. :-)

Yarn: BBB "Soft Dream" (25% silk, 75% mohair)
Needles: size 4.5
Measurements after blocking: 72 x 144 cm

Available in the store!

- - -

Siin on minu kaua tehtud kaunikene kevadine suurprojekt - lehemustriga pitssall. Lõpetamine jäi mitmeks nädalaks toppama selle taha, et silmuste üleskorjamine ja pitsääre mustrikordade paikapanemine tundus kõrgmatemaatika. Lõpuks võtsin ikka asja käsile, ja kui juba äärepitsi silmused varrastel, kulges koera sabast üle saamine väga ladusalt. Valisin meelega lihtsa äärepitsi mustri, et see ei varjutaks põhiosa "hiirekõrvu". Kevad!

Poes saadaval.


  1. This is gorgeous!!! What a lovely colour! And an amazing pattern. I make lace shawls, but I haven't yet done an edging, because it is just too daunting and I hate picking up stitches! But if I could do one this lovely it would definitely be worth it. What a wonderful piece of work!

    Oh, and lovely photos too. I also have big problems taking the photos, and haven't got round to taking any that I think are really any good yet!

  2. oh. my. goodness. Epp, this is gorgeous! The funny thing is that today I received a promo email from Amy Butler about her new knit line of patterns and as I looked at them I thought, 'meh', I've seen better stuff from Epp...and on the same day I get a perfect example to illustrate my point! =) Way to go!

    (and yes, I know you tend to do more crochet, but still, you know what I mean!)

  3. Mind huvitaks, et palju sellise kaunitari peale lõnga kulus? (Mingil veidral põhjusel ei suuda ma kunagi peenikesest lõngast kootud õlasallidele lõnga õigesti arvestada.)

  4. Such a fresh color..... really spring!

  5. Väga kaunis!! Ja see värv, see on väga mõnusalt kevadine! :)

  6. See on kena nagu kevad ise! ma poetaks veel peoga sinililli peale ;=)

  7. Thank you guys for your beautiful words! You made my day! (Well, more than one day, in fact.)

    Amy, I had the same problem: knitting the medium part was fun and easy, but picking up the stitches for the edging... ugh. Actually, it wasn't so bad, just some calculating to get the number of stitches match the pattern (and math was not my favourite subject already on the 1st grade when we had to count the pears and apples on a picture). But oh, all your trouble is forgotten once you take out the pins and wrap the blocked shawl around your shoulders. Makes you want to start another one right away. :-)

    Juliette, you got me interested. I should look up this Amy Butler thing. Oh, and BTW, I will fly back to FFM for another few months on Monday. I will send you an e-mail soon. That's a promise!

    Loora, lõnga kulus veidi vähem kui 3 tokki (1 tokk = 25g/240m) Eks muidugi mõnest peenvillasest oleks rentaablim kududa kui üsna soolase hinnaga nn eliitmohäärist, aga... no see värv tegi mu täiesti relvituks! :-)

  8. Väga ilus sall! Kohe tahaks katsuda, nii pehme ja kohev tundub! Mingil müstilisel põhjusel kaovad mu kommentaarid. Ürbi õpetuse võin Sulle kohe saata, anna palun teada, kuhu ja kuidas.

  9. Nii ilus ja suur töö :)Värv nii super ja seda vaadates suureneb kevade igatuses veelgi. Tahaks juba ümberringi valge lume asemel värve näha :)