Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Wedding favor gifts - check!

I can't believe I did it!

I'm so glad I came up with this idea of combining the place cards with the favor gifts packaging. And finding these white slightly shimmering tiny cardboard boxes (and the same material as A4 sheets for the name tags) from Zelluloos paper shop in Tallinn saved me so much trouble.

It was a hard work, but boy it feels great! Next up the list: table numbers, seating plan, menu cards (bilingual; still waiting for the final confirmation of the menu from the caterers). Oh, and not to forget the matching "somethings" for all the participants at my bachelorette party on Thursday!

- - -

Meened pulmakülalistele on pakendatud. Ma ei suuda ise ka uskuda! :)

Mul on nii hea meel, et tulin mõttele kombineerida kohakaardid pulmakülaliste meenete pakendiga. Ja asjaolu, et leidsin Zelluloosi poest just õiges mõõdus, kergelt küütlevast valgest kartongist karbikesed (ning sama materjali ka A4 lehtedena nimesiltide jaoks) säästis palju energiat. Üks suur asi mu lähipäevade pikas toimetustenimekirjas jälle vähem. :)


  1. Great wedding favor ideas! I am also hung up on your favor ideas! These wedding favor themes are very popular in Weddings at San Francisco wedding venues. My best friend used a unique theme in her wedding. Well, I’ll get married in the next year.

    1. Thanks for your comment! Well, it took me quite a lot of time to find perfect wedding favours that were meaningful yet not too expensive (as I needed about 100 of them). I finally found a local store selling healing stones etc. and I found these perfect chunks of rose quartz for each guest. Everyone loved them. DIY projects for weddings (especially your own) are so much fun, but you HAVE to allow a LOT of time for that. Last minute preparations before your big day are the worst and most stressful. Wedding favours and matching gifts for bridesmaids were the only things I could make myself, and I'm so glad I didn't over stress it.

      Oh, and congrats on your upcoming wedding! Should you need some handmade bridal accessories or gifts, let me know! ;)