Friday, 11 February 2011

Bohemian Rhapsody

I only have one sibling, but then again, I've always valued quality over quantity. Not only is my big sister a supermom of four and a beautiful, talented person; she is also a great source of inspiration to me and one of my most loyal 'customers'. Besides, she can take a single look at my slumbering bead box and outline the designs for at least five future projects in one go, while I can roll those tiny sparkling balls around for YEARS before I finally come up with an idea worth trying.

These rings are the result of our design co-operation, one could say. Wonderful silver-coloured Bohemian glass beads (three different sizes, but the same type) and silvered jewelry pins I bought from a tiny Southern Estonian town yesterday, attached to looped ring blanks. Two of a kind - one for me and one for Kai.

Here's to you Sis! Love you!

- - -
"Minu kübar! Minu bling! Minu ÕDE ootab mind!" ;-)


  1. One like that with tiny tinkling bells...that would be way kewl too!

  2. Minu õde ka väga inspireerib mind- temale on alati väga hea teha, mõtted ja töö hakkavad lendama, ning õel on tavaliselt alati hea meel. Mõnele inimesele kohe on nii hea midagi head teha!